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    Rafting in the Smokies

    Research has demonstrated the health benefits of time spent outdoors, for physical as well as mental well-being. Exercise outdoor even has greater benefits than the same activity indoors.

    Since she was young, Active Woman Traveler Director Annie Tobey has been living that theory. She soaks up the summer, proclaiming her right to bare arms, but any time of year she finds rejuvenation and therapy outside. She especially enjoys being active, stretching her muscles and burning the calories--in preparation for hearty eating when the sun goes down.


  • The Aging Adventurer

    Emily Kimball on Mt KatadhinEmily Kimball makes her dreams happen. After retiring from a career in Parks and Recreation she rode her loaded touring bike 4,700 miles across America, and hiked the entire Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.  Now approaching 80, she continues an active life of biking, hiking, backpacking, tennis and water sports––though at a slower pace.

    Emily is also a writer and speaker. Her recent book, Appalachian Trail Stories and Other Adventures: Living Your Dreams at 60 and Beyond, describes many of her exploits. It can be ordered from her web site In her professional speaking business, Make It Happen! Emily relates life lessons learned from her adventures in powerful presentations on Risk Taking, Creative Aging and Making Dreams Happen. She can be reached at or 804-358-4959.

  • Snow Globe

    Snow is the icing on the glorious four seasons, offering a beautiful blanket of sparkling quiet for the senses and a bucket of adventurous activities for the body. Enjoy a day of downhill skiing, cross country skiing, and snowboarding, trodding through across the land on snowshoes or hiking under the skeletons of the winter trees.

    Come inside to a toasty fire, fine dining and drink, or spa experiences, with family and friends, and sometimes in the peace of your own individual company.

    The long nights of wintertime provide the best opportunity for nighttime lights, at the holidays, seeing the sparkle that brightens the spirits.

  • Hard Miles

    Richard MorganRichard Morgan lives on his parent’s farm in Mid Wales, two fields from the cliff tops over looking Cardigan Bay and Snowdonia and less than a mile from the beach where he spends most of his time running up and down the three miles of perfect flat sand.

    To say Richard is a keen runner is a bit of an understatement. He lives for running. He’s the first to admit he’s not very good and never going to win any races, but he doesn’t let that put him off. It’s not about ability, more about its rewards, both mental and physical.

    His column is an insight into his life as a runner and how it’s affected by some of the personal issues he has to deal with and how his running, in turn, helps him to deal with those very same issues.



  • Fitness & Competition

    Monument_Ave_10k_2011_MCCFor the woman with an active lifestyle, fitness is both a compulsion and a prescription: exercise provides a release for her energies and keeps her healthy for further adventures.

    Her motivation for working out may be many: to maintain physical health, stamina, or mental clarity; to satisfy her competitive spiritto support great causes; to provide a healthful example for her children; or to burn off calories to enjoy life's epicurean pleasures guilt-free. Whatever her reason, the result is greater physical and mental health, self-esteem, and enjoyment.

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