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    Travel tales by Libby Carty McNamee


    For Libby Carty McNamee, all the world's a worthwhile destination, ranging from a day trip to a 15-hour flight to Asia.  During her Junior Year Abroad in Paris, she traipsed all over Western Europe, even venturing to Budapest alone when it was still under communist rule.  (In retrospect, not such a smart idea.) As an Army JAG Officer she lived in South Korea, Bosnia, and Tacoma, WA, with side trips to Thailand and Australia.  She also  loves travel within the US  -- and Canada -- and would love to visit every national park in her lifetime.

    Libby is a travel writer in Richmond,Virginia.  She also spends lots of time looking for missing LEGO pieces with her five-year-old son, Sam. 

    Libby has been a freelance writer since 2004, enjoying every minute of it. She writes a parenting blog called “Libby With a ‘Y’”  and a web site.


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