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    Featuring the Best of Travel in the Commonwealth of Virginia

    Virginia mountainsSituated halfway down the East Coast of the United States, the state of Virginia has plenty to offer every traveler! It stretches from beautiful beaches in the east - including scenic nature preserves as well as places to plunge into the Atlantic - through the Tidewater and Piedmont and into the Blue Ridge Mountains. The active adventurer will find plenty to keep her occupied, as will the shopper, museum hopper, and diner.

    ChincoteagueBeachVirginia wineries are phenomenal and our microbreweries will have you saying, "This brew's for me!" You can visit Northern Virginia and cross the Potomac into Washington, D.C., enjoy the depth of history in Richmond, or find a quaint small town and B&B.

    And since Virginia is where Annie Tobey, AWT Director, calls home, she knows and loves the state, with insight and passion and the chance to travel from shore to mountains!

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