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    The best way to discover great new travel destinations is through recommendations! Since most of us don't have friends who have journeyed to all of the places we'd like to go, AWT Travelers can be your guides instead.

    Our Travelers come from all walks of life: moms, bloggers, fitness trainers, entrepreneurs, photographers, realtors, consultants, and yes, writers & editors. Some travel to play, some to relax, others for work, and others even to volunteer, leaving their destinations a better place.

    What they all have in common is a zest for new places. When they find someplace new, they will tell AWT readers about it--mountains, beaches, resorts, cities, museums, food, drink, music, rivers, rocks, shopping, trails, spas, cabins, sports teams.... The list is as endless as the world is wide!

    We're always on the lookout for new Travelers. If you'd like to contribute to Active Woman Traveler, as an occasional or regular contributor, shoot us an e-mail at annie.tobey @ activewomantraveler.com.

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    Active Woman Traveler

    Whether you're in pursuit of the perfect mountaintop view or the best place to get real local cuisine, Active Woman Traveler (AWT) wants to share stories with you--and wants you to share stories with our readers!

    Active Woman Traveler encourages women to look beyond the usual chick vacation and experience the active side of travel: hiking, kayaking, walking tours and museums, while still leaving time for dining, shopping and relaxing. As partners with V Magazine for Women, celebrating women since 2004, AWT can help its readers reach outside the "suitcase."


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    Spruce Knob May 2008Freelance travel writer Annie Tobey, director of the Active Woman Traveler web site, writes for many national and local venues. In this department you'll find links to some of those tales. You might even discover a favorite new destination, web site, or magazine!
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