Thirsty Thursdays at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture

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Richmond, Virginia has a beer-brewing tradition that dates back over 400 years and is currently home to a thriving craft beer scene. While the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily changed how we enjoy our favorite beers, this is the perfect time to learn more about the history of Richmond’s beer industry. Join the Virginia Museum of History & Culture and the experts from Richmond Beeristoric, in partnership with local brewers and other regional experts, to learn about beers enjoyed by the 17th-century English colonists who arrived in this region, the growth of lagers in the 19th century, prohibition and its impact on brewing, and the craft beer revolution. Local brewers whose libations reflect specific periods in Richmond’s beer history will also provide tasting notes and information about their beers as we raise a socially-distanced pint together. Featured beers and suggested alternatives are included below so you can sip along. Proceeds from this series will benefit Ardent Helps RVA to provide emergency grants for food service workers in crisis. In addition, all participants will receive a one-time use, special 30% discount to the VMHC Museum Shop and featured items related to beer and brewing. Schedule: Week 1 (May 7) – Brewing in the Colonial Era Week 2 (May 14) – The Lager Invasion Week 3 (May 21) – Prohibition: Before and After Week 4 (May 28) – The Craft Beer Revolution Cost per class: $6 for Members of the VMHC or Richmond Beeristoric; $8 for Non-Members OR RECEIVE A DISCOUNT WHEN YOU REGISTER FOR ALL 4 CLASSES IN THE THIRSTY THURSDAY SERIES Cost for the series: $20 for Members of the VMHC or Richmond Beeristoric; $25 for Non-Members After tickets are purchased, participants will receive an email containing Zoom registration instructions and promo codes for VMHC discounts. Week 1: Brewing in the Colonial Era Thursday, May 7 | 5:00 – 5:30 pm This class will focus on brewing techniques popular during the Colonial era, with Lee Graves, Mike Gorman, and Eric Mink of Richmond Beeristoric alongside guest speakers Frank Clark, Master of Historic Foodways with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and Dave Gott, Vice President of Operations at Legend Brewing Co. Featured Beers: Legend Brown Ale, Alewerks Tavern Brown Ale Suggested Alternatives: Midnight Not My Job Southern English Brown Ale, Newcastle Brown Ale, Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale, Fuller’s London Porter, Samuel Smith Taddy Porter Week 2: The Lager Invasion Thursday, May 14 | 5:00 – 5:30 pm This class will explore the development and growth in popularity of the lager style, with Mike Gorman and Eric Mink of Richmond Beeristoric alongside guest speaker Tom Sullivan, co-founder and co-owner of Ardent Craft Ales. Featured Beer: Ardent Pilsner Suggested Alternatives: Hardywood Richmond Lager; Triple Crossing pilsner or kellerbier; Devils Backbone Gold Leaf Lager; German imports such as Paulaner Premium Lager, Spaten Premium Lager, Weihenstephaner Original Week 3: Prohibition—Before and After Thursday, May 21 | 5:00 – 5:30 pm This class will examine the events that led to Prohibition in America and the long-term impacts it created with Brandon Carter, Mike Gorman, and Eric Mink of Richmond Beeristoric alongside guest speakers Matthew Mullett and Hank Schmidt of Richbrau Brewing Co. Featured Beer: Richbrau Lager Suggested Alternatives: Anchor California Lager (historic style), Brooklyn Lager (amber), Coors, Yuengling Traditional Amber Lager, Budweiser, PBR, Miller High Life Week 4: The Craft Beer Revolution Thursday, May 28 | 5:00 – 5:30 pm This class will look at the growth of craft breweries and beermaking, with Annie Tobey, Lee Graves, and Mike Killelea of Richmond Beeristoric alongside guest speakers Theresa McCulla, Curator of the American Brewing History Initiative at the Smithsonian Institution, and Eric McKay, Co-founder of Hardywood Park Craft Brewery. Featured Beer: Hardywood Great Return IPA Suggested Alternatives: IPAs from your favorite local breweries (Add all classes to your shopping cart and the series discount will automatically be applied.)
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