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Family_Tree_Guaranteed_BeersOccasionally, I'll receive news that I don't want to share. You know, like the favorite fishing hole or solitary waterfall hike – those secrets that are better when few know about them. When it comes to beer news that others really should know, though, I let professional integrity overcome selfish intent. (Damn integrity!)

Such is the case with Hardywood's Family Tree Beer Club. At noon on Jan. 18, 2017, limited membership enrollment opens that allows you to get the best of the Hardywood beers – without waiting in the wee-cold hours of the morning, in long lines, while wondering if you've come early enough!

Hardywood Family Tree membership includes:

  • 4 curated seasonal packages, each containing 3 bottles sought-after Hardywood beers and an exclusive member gift
  • Titanium membership card/bottle opener, designed by Richmond’s Machine Era
  • Members-only events
  • Limited beers bottled exclusively for members
  • Merchandise discounts at the brewery
  • Additional surprises

To make the score even better:

Packages will be available for pick-up at the Richmond brewery in February, May, August and November. Packages may be picked up by a proxy for those who are out of the area. Over the course of the year, packages are guaranteed to include Ruse, Foolery, Trickery, Cassowary, Gingerbread Stout and Kentucky Christmas Morning. The first package, available Feb. 4, will include the membership card, two bottles of Kentucky Christmas Morning and one bottle of Ruse.

So set your alarm for noon on Jan. 18! (Or perhaps I should say, set your alarm for 12:01 p.m., to ensure that I get in first!)

For further details and sign-up, visit the Hardywood Family Tree web page.


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