Two New Summer Beers

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Just in time for the warm weather...

That will allegedly be here soon...

Virginia's Starr Hill Brewery has released two new seasonals that pair perfectly with warm weather, The Hook Grapefruit Session IPA and Sublime Citrus Wit.

The Hook begins with a carefully chosen malt bill of 2-row, crystal and honey plus golden oats, and uses four hops: Apollo, Citra, Mosaic and Sorachi Ace. The sessionable 4.9% ABV and the light but pleasing taste makes this perfect for a warm day - even when fishing with your hook by the river (or, like me, watching someone else fish). The Hook is hoppy yet with malty notes. It's a medium amber color, with a gentle, light head and hoppy IPA on the nose. The flavor is mild but generous. The Hook sips smooth on the palate. At 38 IBUs, it's not off-putting to those who are turned off by hop bombs.

Starr Hill's Sublime Citrus Wit pour a golden yellow, with a light white head and spicy nose. The recipe is simple and the beer reflects the clean simplicity: 2-row malted barley and wheat, with Saaz hops plus lime and lemon zest. The flavor on my palate was dominated by the malt, with the spices and wheat quickly making their gleeful appearance. The limey-citrus flavor is also apparent and is complementary and quite pleasant, like a lightly squeezed fresh wedge has been added to the glass. The beer is light in flavor and of a sessionable ABV (4.7%) and would be perfect with grilled herbed chicken on a warm summer evening. Actually, it went marvelously with the herbed lime chicken I prepared in my slow cooker!


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