Devils Backbone 2016 Adventure Pack Collaboration Sampler

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Brewed with NoDa, Sun King, Surly, Thunder Road and Wicked Weed

DB Adventure PackSix great breweries; assuredly six great beers – in January, Devils Backbone debuts their 2016 annual Adventure Pack Collaboration Sampler, featuring five creative collaborations and their award-winning Vienna Lager. Notable collaborations include one Australian brewery and a beer with ingredients from seven summits around the world.

Collaboration beers are:

Session IPL (3.8% ABV; 60 IBU), a session India-style pale lager brewed with hop-centric NoDa Brewing from Charlotte, North Carolina. At only 3.8% ABV, the hoppy, crisp beer was brewed with Vienna malts, oats and Northern Brewer, Simcoe and Azacca hops.

Another State of Kind (6.8% ABV; 68 IBU), a double dank cream-style ale, showcasing the craft cream credentials of Sun King Brewery from Indianapolis, Indiana. Brewed with plenty of Simcoe and Columbus hops, this beer is a creative combination of a cream ale and a double IPA. 

Risen (8.4% ABV; 50 IBU), a coffee and oak, double brown ale brewed with Surly Brewing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, which Beer Advocate named Best Brewery in America. The brown ale was brewed with lots of locally roasted coffee and rested on oak for a toasted finish.

Double Pacific Ale (8.4% ABV; 50 IBU), a strong Australian-style ale, brewed with Thunder Road Brewing Company, debuting in the U.S from Melbourne, Australia. Pacific ale, an emerging style, features Australian and New Zealand hops. This collaboration beer is made with Aussie Galaxy hops.

Seven Summits (10.5% ABV; 20 IBU), an imperial stout, brewed with Wicked Weed of Asheville, North Carolina. Added ingredients for Seven Summits were inspired by the world’s famed Seven Summits: coconut (South America’s Aconcagua summit), cocoa (Africa’s Kilimanjaro summit), blue-green algae (Antartica’s Vinson summit), American oak (North America’s Denali summit), pink Himalayan sea salt (Asia’s Everest summit), black rye bread (Europe’s Elbrus summit) and Wattle seeds (Australia’s Mt. Kosciuszko summit).

The 12 pack will hit shelves in mid-January in Virginia, D.C., Maryland, North Carolina and West Virginia. 

“We really enjoy the collaboration process,” said Devils Backbone brewmaster Jason Oliver. “Creatively, as brewers we get to learn from each other from recipe formulation to working with new ingredients and brewing techniques.  It also allows us the opportunity to introduce beer lovers to highly sought after breweries they might otherwise not have access to due to each brewery’s distribution area.”

“We had a great time brewing with Walt and Luke Dickinson from Wicked Weed, Chad Henderson from NoDa, Todd Haug from Surly, Clay Robinson from Sun King Brewery and Marcus Cox from Thunder Road,” said lead brewer Nate Olewine. “In the end, we wound up with five incredible beers, including the highest and lowest ABV beers we’ve brewed to date at Outpost.” 

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