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Dishing Up VAThe star of the meal was the Thalhimers deviled crab: chunks of fresh crabmeat blended with the perfect touch of spice, inspired by Richmond’s legendary department store of yesteryear. The shellfish was accompanied by tomato pudding (once a stalwart dish on my Grandmother Tobey’s Virginia table), fresh roasted asparagus, and balsamic strawberries with fresh mint. Starr Hill King of Hop Imperial IPA paired perfectly with the spice of the entrée and with its partners.

We completed our Virginia-inspired meal with a Wakefield classic: peanut butter silk pie, recipe from the Virginia Diner, the restaurant that has been part of the Suffolk landscape since 1929. The dessert was, as the name promised, silky smooth, a perfect blend of rich, sweet goodness.

Though each dish was inspired by the foodways of the commonwealth, the final products came from my own kitchen, guided by recipes in Dishing Up® Virginia: 145 Recipes That Celebrate Colonial Traditions and Contemporary Flavors. The author, Patrick Evans-Hylton, is a food journalist, professionally trained chef, instructor, historian and executive editor of Virginia Wine Lover magazine. His passion for and knowledge of Virginia and her food, history and people permeate the book.

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