Virginia Spring Breezes at Maymont

Where in the World - Virginia Breezin'

maymont_flowerSpring breezes blow with a special beauty on the grounds of Richmond's Maymont Estate. Leaves are still absent, but the buds are plentiful and the blooms bespeak the warmth to come. 

The park beside the James River is replete with natural beauty, including animals and plants, both native and introduced.

My March stroll through the grounds of Maymont took me past the children’s petting farm and wildlife exhibits. As enjoyable as seeing the native Virginia wildlife was noting the reactions of the children as they saw deer, gray fox, bison, bear, and birds of prey up close. The broad-tailed hawk that flew above was tribute to the area’s nature-friendly habitat.

maymont_japanese_gardensWe passed spring flowers poking through the ground into the sunshine and buds breaking the bonds of winter. We wandered through the Japanese Gardens, designed in the early 1900s by Muto, a master Japanese gardener. And we climbed up to the nineteenth century Dooley Mansion, the centerpiece of the 100-acre estate, perched atop a hill with a view to the river.

In addition to enjoying the diversity of wildlife and plants, I enjoyed the diversity of people, of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and family status. I heard several languages as I strolled, and plenty of expressions of delight.

Maymont, Richmond’s gem is open year-round. It also features a nature center, Italian garden, arboretum, carriage collection, carriage and tram rides, and many special events. A tour of the grand mansion is a must. 


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