Experiential Travel for Active Women

Active & Adventurous - Outdoors

What is it?  Travel is changing and reflecting the ways in which the world is at our feet. The essence of people and place is discovered through experiencing local customs, cuisine, history, art, music and landscapes.  This doesn’t mean trying to see everything or go everywhere.  Rather, experiential travel involves slowing down and opening our hearts to the similarities and differences; perhaps seeing as if for the first or perhaps last time.  Listening to sounds, visiting artisan studios, learning, walking more slowly on a lane, bridge or amidst a wildflower field are all part of your traveling experiences.  Keen observation is integral to experiential travel.  Activity is another critical aspect of traveling experientially. Rather than passively absorbing, travelers become actively engaged.  Rather than escaping, women are collecting memories to enrich their world.  

Whether a day’s outing nearby or a longer journey, all of our hours provide the opportunity for deeper involvement with our world.  The people we meet along the way and the places that become a part of our hearts landscape serve to enrich, inform, and leave us more fully human.

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