Restaurant Review: Kenn-Tico Cuban Bar

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kennticoatI enjoyed a filling and satisfying lunch at Kenn-Tico. The Cubano especial was grilled Cuban bread with sliced pork, ham, Swiss cheese, and chorizo (the chorizo added to make the plain Cubano more "especial"). The blend of lunchmeat-style meats were generous but not overwhelming. The chorizo was so mild and scarce as to be unnoticeable, and the mustard was mild. The Cuban bread was lightly grilled, crisp and not tough. Maybe Cuban is bland - I don't confess to being highly conversant in the style.

Instead of the fries, I opted for a Cuban side, for merely $1 additional. I chose the Yuca con Mojo, boiled yucca with Kenn-Tico mojo criollo. More memorable than the sandwich, the yucca, a potato-like root, appeared sinewy to the eyes, but not to the tongue. The soft consistency was complemented with the red-onion mojo.

Since I went for lunch, I didn't try out the spirits. I noticed an interesting Cuban-based cocktail list and south-of-the-border wines, but the beer selection was disappointing: no taps and only the standard big bad brew beers.

The service was friendly and prompt, the restaurant clean and neat (more so than the other RVA Cuban restaurant), but not memorably Cuban. Prices were reasonable, with my especial sandwich at $7.95, and entree prices ranging between $10-$15.

You can find this tiny bit of Cuba in Richmond, Virginia at 204 E Grace Street, or call 804-225-9216. Or visit their web site.

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