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Spanish for magical, Mahekal Resort is just that-MAGICAL!  This ocean front resort is located in Playa del Carmen, about 45 minutes from Cancun on the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.  Mahekal is the resort’s “new” name.  Formerly Shangri La Caribe, the resort was purchased in December 2008 by a group of U.S. investors led by Circa Capital Corp. 


 Mahekal is a unique resort featuring 121 intimate thatched roof palapa style bungalows.  Boasting 800 feet of beach front space on the turquoise blue Caribbean, Mahekal’s beach village is designed with a Mayan influence.  The resort features over sized rooms (air conditioning and ceiling fans provided) with accommodations ranging from Ocean front and Garden view to Penthouse suites, each complete with private porches or terraces hung with Mayan style hammocks for total relaxation.  Each space is one-of-a-kind with Mexican tiled bathrooms and hand crafted wooden furniture.  Truly an escape from everyday life;  Mahekal’s rooms do not offer television, radios or telephones creating the perfect opportunity for guests to absorb nature, tranquility and the peaceful sound of the ocean’s waves. 


Tiled pathways throughout Mahekal Resort’s “beach village” provide access to Adventura Restaurant, the Tiki bar (2 for 1 Happy hour every day), swimming pools, and gift shop.  The resort’s property is beautifully landscaped with flowering bushes, plants and palm trees.  A stroll at night shows more of the resort’s magic with tile encrusted ceramic mushroom lights to guide you on your way.


Mahekal offers several dining options with a flexible meal plan.  I chose the MAP (modified American plan) which featured breakfast and lunch or dinner.  Each morning the resort’s Adventura Restaurant offered an abundance of breakfast choices.  Freshly squeezed juices and local fruit- pineapple, papaya, bananas, and watermelon, all beautifully displayed buffet style.  The restaurant is grand with palapa roofs and spectacular ocean views.  Unlimited cups of freshly brewed coffee are served each morning with flair in authentic Mexican style tableware by Mahekal’s superb staff.  Breakfast also includes menu selections with eggs and bacon, French toast or one of Mahekal’s own creations.  This abundant breakfast offering was all I needed until dinner.



Baby Turtles
During my stay at Mahekal Resort (September 16-23, 2010), I was blessed with the opportunity to observe the birth of 79 hatchling sea turtles; a truly magical moment and one that I will always remember and cherish.  Mahekal works with local conservationists to ensure the safety of each turtle nest on the resort’s beach and is ultimately host to the magical moment when the small hatchlings emerge at night.  Each baby turtle will later set out on their journey to the sea.  On the moonlit night of Sept. 20thguests of the Mahekal Resort were each given a tiny sea turtle to name and release. 

In addition to all of the activities (bicycle rental, swimming-there are 2 pools and the ocean of course, yoga, billiard and ping pong tables) provided at Mahekal Resort, one doesn’t have to venture far to Avenue 5, a famous avenue in Playa del Carmen known for extraordinary shopping and dining.  This avenue has everything; music, bars, restaurants and shops that sell original arts and crafts, handmade clothing, bags, hats, jewelry and more.  There are also boutique shops that offer designer ware.  Toy shops, coffee shops, pastry shops and anything your heart desires can be found on Avenue 5.  The sights and sounds are an amazing mix of young, old, new and traditional.  Fifth avenue is vibrant and colorful offering tourists a bounty of options.

Skulls for sale on Avenue 5
Pillows for sale on Avenue 5

The Caribbean has always been a special place to me.  With the calm turquoise blue water, native flora and fauna, beautiful sunsets and warm nights, one can totally escape to paradise here!  My travels have always taken me to the islands of the Caribbean and I continue to come back to explore, relax and absorb the culture and the abundance of beauty found in this place. 

I know I will return again, and I know that Mahekal Resort will always be one of my favorite places to stay when I do. 

Plan your next trip to Mahekal Resort in Playa del Carmen Mexico.  You will find total relaxation and the beauty of the resort’s atmosphere and staff to be one of the best vacations spots the Caribbean has to offer.  To book your best vacation ever go directly to Mahekal Resort’s site or go to your favorite booking site to plan your trip now!






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