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black_hand_coffeeI was happy to find Black Hand Coffee Company in Richmond, Virginia (with a little help from the Yelp app on my iPhone) when I had a couple of hours to kill between meetings. I needed a nearby independent coffee shop with wi-fi and caffeine. I found both at Black Hand, plus a friendly atmosphere.

The place looks unassuming, with a rough and rugged floor and unadorned tables, but I'm willing to appreciate that as merely the book's cover if all else is commendable. And at this little neighborhood coffee shop, all else I tried was great. My first time out,  I only had coffee and wi-fi, but felt comfy and cozy perched therein, with friendly staff and patrons. The coffee was freshly roasted and ground, with the rich, heady smell of coffee to further invigorate the senses.

 As I left, I noticed a great selection of craft beer as well as wine, and vowed I'd be back to try the food and later-in-the-day beverages.

I went back within the week, this time dragging along a fellow travel writer for a meeting. We had a productive meeting, surrounded by enough quiet to be undisturbed, enough activity to feel psyched, and enough people to feel social. Although the fresh coffee bean grinder intrudes upon the quiet at times, it's acceptable because it's sporadic and for a worthy purpose.

It was 5 o'clock somewhere, and only 30 minutes from 5 o'clock in Richmond, I had a 6:30 meeting to follow, so I tried a craft beer. For a small shop, their collection of IPAs was terrific. I accompanied my Lagunitas Maximus IPA with an Asiago cheese bagel with cream cheese. Okay, so it isn't a match made in culinary school, but it satisfied my dietary desires at the time. The bagel was nicely toasted and authentically chewy, but the cream cheese came in a little disposable tub. The Lagunitas left nothing to be desired.

You'll find Black Hand Coffee tucked in a little Fan neighborhood, at 606 N. Sheppard St.

Visit the Black Hand web site or call them at 804-855-0800.


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