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Eco-Friendly, Organic, & Fair Trade

Come with a healthful appetite, not a healthy one! The portions are small, but satisfying, and the ingredients are very good. I was looking for lighter fare, so my salad and sandwich combo was satisfying. My friend's sandwich was tasty but surprisingly small, on a white roll. He had to go searching for the chicken inside, but said afterwards that he was satiated.

I was very pleased that the salad had not one leaf of iceberg, that red-headed stepchild of lettuce, and with the addition of roasted squash and walnuts, it was enjoyable. The tuna salad in the sandwich is made with Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise, which improves the flavor and decreases the empty fat calories.

The beer selection is decent as well. The Farmhouse offered two Samuel Smith organic beers, and I chose the one Virginia beer, the Starr Hill amber. With all of the great Virginia beers to choose from, I would think there would be more, but I was grateful to have more than the stock low-grade common beers. I didn't check out the wine selection, but noticed many to choose from.

The open windows at the front are perfect in season for the sweet Virginia breeze. 

Visit the Urban Farmhouse for an eclectic mix: a contemporary focus on organic, healthful foods in an eighteenth century tobacco warehouse district. The restaurant is located in Richmond, Virginia's historic Shockoe Bottom, at 1217 E. Cary St. Rd. 

For more information, visit the Urban Farmhouse web site and blog or call 804-325-3988.

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