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Boathouse Sunday ParkAs a South-of-the-James institution in Richmond, VA, the Boathouse at Sunday Park is worth experiencing. When the weather is appropriate, the generous deck is unbeatable. With a view over the lake and sailboat masts in the foreground, the setting is beautiful. I arrived just after sunset, and saw the oranges, grays, and blues reflected in the still waters of the lake.

Tonight I had the crab, brie, and asparagus pizza, which was good. The crust was thin, not overdone, and the toppings were sufficient. I prefer to have a little crust with my pizza - i.e., generous toppings. I had to concentrate to appreciate the crab taste, but it was there. A friend had the lobster bisque, with a similar effect. She enjoyed the lobster flavor, but quipped that the cooks used lobster extract, as she couldn't detect any lumps of lobster in the mix.

Our server was pleasant, present, and helpful. Prices are moderately expensive, but not exorbitant for seafood. Their reservation policy was a bit confusing, though. I called to make reservations, and got no satisfaction. When my friend called later, however, she got the five of us in fine. Go figure!

The Boathouse has plenty of repeat customers, so I withhold final judgment until I'm one of them and can report on more menu items. In the meantime, I'll note that they are one of the few noteworthy independent restaurants in the Brandermill-Midlothian part of Richmond, Virginia, so that alone gives them a thumbs up!

This restaurant has a sister in downtown Richmond, the Boathouse at Rockett's Landing, just east of the city's historic Shockoe Bottom, also with outdoor dining. I had a special event business luncheon there, with pre-chosen dishes, and was sufficiently impressed to want to return. However, I haven't been back - I tried to make reservations twice and couldn't get in. Maybe I need to have my friend call!

The Boathouse


4602 Millridge Pkwy, Midlothian, VA 23112

Phone 804-744-2545


4708 East Old Main Street

Richmond VA 23231



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