2010 Virginia Governor's Cup Wine Award

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Paradise Springs Winery Chardonnay Awarded

Prestigious 2010 Virginia Governor’s Cup

First first-year winery to win coveted award

2009 Paradise Springs Chardonnay BottlesRichmond, Va. - Aged in first and second year French oak for nine months Sur Lie, Paradise Springs 2009 Chardonnay has won the coveted 2010 Governor’s Cup for White Wine.  This, in the winery’s first year of operation.   

“Paradise Springs winning this award is a great example of what can be accomplished when we all work together as industry.  Many talented minds with great vision and execution worked hard to reach this pinnacle.  After everything we have been through to open Paradise Springs, receiving this recognition is a great reward.  We will carry the Governor’s Cup with honor as we look forward to the many great years ahead. The future of Virginia wine is bright,” said Paradise Springs co-founder Kirk Wiles. 

Selected from more than 200 entries representing all of the regions in the commonwealth, Paradise Springs 2009 Chardonnay is100% Chardonnay with a 13.4% alcohol content.  Well balanced and full bodied, Paradise Springs Chardonnay is fruit forward with crisp green apples and a long, smooth finish of toasted marshmallows.  Currently, the award-winning wine is only available at the Paradise Springs tasting room.

“I am grateful to the Virginia wine industry for the opportunity it has given us to preserve our family land. There is no more exciting place in the world to be making wine right now than right here in Virginia . Paradise Springs is proud to be a part of the Virginia wine movement today and for many years to come,” said co-founder Jane Kinckeloe.

The 28th Annual Governor’s Cup (White) Wine Competition, sponsored by the Virginia Wineries Association (VWA), took place took place August 28 at Lansdowne Resort.  Two hundred white wines were entered in the 2010 White competition from 58 wineries throughout the Commonwealth.  A total of 131 medals were awarded – 16 Gold, 50 Silver and 63 Bronze.  The Governor’s Cup was selected from among the Gold medal recipients and announced at the kick off of October Virginia Wine Month at Monticello .  After the competition concluded, judges commented on the fine quality of the wines presented, especially the Chardonnays and Viogniers.  This was reflected in their judging results.                                                                                                        

“Paradise Springs Chardonnay comes from one of the oldest vineyards in the state. If we are able to make this quality of a wine from older, more mature vines, then the future of Virginia wine is bright. With the recent influx of wineries and vineyards to the state, we have an opportunity to watch before our eyes, Virginia grow into its grapes, thus producing higher quality wines year over year. There is great upside to be had and we could not be more excited about the opportunity here in Virginia ,” said Winemaker Chris Pearmund.

“I am proud to have served the Virginia Wine industry for over 20 years. To help others gain their best potential in receiving awards such as this honors those who not only share the passion on this industry, but more importantly, sharing knowledge and experiences to collectively strengthen us all,” continued Pearmund. 

Due to the increase in popularity of Virginia wines and the number of entries, the Governor’s Cup was divided into two competitions in 2010:  the judging of red wines was held in February, and the judging of white wines was held in August.  Entries have soared from less than 50 in 1982 to more than 400 in 2010.

First Lady Maureen McDonnell joined Secretary of Agriculture Todd Haymore for the coveted 2010 Governor’s Cup (White Wine) Award awards ceremony and October Virginia Wine Month celebration.  Sponsored by the Virginia Wineries Association, the Governor’s Cup competition was founded in 1982 to highlight the caliber of Virginia Wines, which are highly acclaimed by wine critics worldwide.  The Virginia wine industry has grown to fifth in the nation in both production and number of wineries.  

The rapid growth of Virginia’s vibrant wine industry has made it one of the fastest growing agricultural sectors in the state. In 1979, there were only six wineries in Virginia. Today, there are more than 140 wineries, with growth escalating as fast as the state’s advancements in wine quality and reputation.  For a complete list of winners and further information about events, tours and tastings, please visit the Virginia Wine Marketing Office’s website at www.virginiawine.org or call 18043448200.


Paradise Springs 2009 Chardonnay Tasting Notes

Paradise Springs 2009 Chardonnay fruit hails from Meriwether Vineyard in Broad Run, VA. Established in 1976, the vineyard is one of the oldest in the state with 34-year-old vines comprising of 11 different clones of Chardonnay. The fruit was harvested late September of 2009 with 22+ brix and 3.65 pH. The grapes were destemmed, pressed, and the juice racked to stainless steel tanks for cold settling. Afterwards, the juice was moved to a combination of new and second year French Oak barrels, comprising of 6 different coopers. Barrel fermented with 6 different cultured yeasts. Post fermentation, the wine was left to age Sur Lie and stirred every week with a batonnage for 9 months. Malolactic Fermentation was blocked on most barrels, however, a few were allowed to compete ML. After 9 months, all barrels were racked back to a single tank, blending the differently evolved wines all together to form one. It was again cold stabilized and prepped for bottling - June of 2010.

Well balanced and full-bodied, the 2009 Chardonnay is fruit forward with hints of pear and crisp green apples followed by a long, smooth finish of warm butter and toast marshmallow.

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